Friday, May 31, 2013

Mystery Solved!

Pop. 113, Spring of 284 (Year 33)

The mystery of Edem II's combat performance has finally been solved. It was never noticed that all of the children born in Relicshield were quite a bit shorter than dwarves from the Mountainhome. Despite his initial preference for war hammers, Edem II tried out short swords and discovered that he was far more effective with them.

Sadly, soon after Edem II gained renewed respect from his brothers and sisters in arms, tragedy struck his family and the fortress at large. His father, Edem Claspletter, a renowned carpenter and wood cutter, was caught outside during a goblin siege along with Nish Twinkledurns the clothier.

Relicshield lost two of its most beloved citizens, but the dwarves made sure the goblins paid most dearly.

The deaths had worked the dwarven soldiers into a fever pitch. Woe to the next foe to assault the fortress! Perhaps the news of Relicshield's heightened war lust made its way to the elves, who wisely returned with words of peace, rather than beasts of battle. And so ended the Stormy Eviscerated War.

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