Friday, May 31, 2013

Mystery Solved!

Pop. 113, Spring of 284 (Year 33)

The mystery of Edem II's combat performance has finally been solved. It was never noticed that all of the children born in Relicshield were quite a bit shorter than dwarves from the Mountainhome. Despite his initial preference for war hammers, Edem II tried out short swords and discovered that he was far more effective with them.

Sadly, soon after Edem II gained renewed respect from his brothers and sisters in arms, tragedy struck his family and the fortress at large. His father, Edem Claspletter, a renowned carpenter and wood cutter, was caught outside during a goblin siege along with Nish Twinkledurns the clothier.

Relicshield lost two of its most beloved citizens, but the dwarves made sure the goblins paid most dearly.

The deaths had worked the dwarven soldiers into a fever pitch. Woe to the next foe to assault the fortress! Perhaps the news of Relicshield's heightened war lust made its way to the elves, who wisely returned with words of peace, rather than beasts of battle. And so ended the Stormy Eviscerated War.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Assault of Claws

Pop. 114, Late Summer of 283 (Year 32)

The human merchants who arrived at the fortress this year narrowly missed an elven ambush. And what an ambush it was. First, a group of war grizzlies emerged from the forest. One of the beasts gave Commander Sphalerite quite a fight! The bear's ferocious offense kept the commander off-balance far longer than any previous opponent, despite the inevitable end.

While the last of the grizzlies were struck down, the rest of the elven forces revealed themselves. No longer an ambush, it was a full-scale siege! With spear-wielding moose and camel riders, war leopards and lions, over a hundred enemies entered the fray! The battle was intense, but the dwarves remembered their training and stood their ground. Despite numerical superiority, the odds were still solidly in the dwarves' favor.

(Legends mode doesn't track mounts apparently, since the moose and camels aren't listed. The true enemy count was probably over 150. Also, the elves arrived in Late Spring, but waited out of sight until the Summer. Dastardly!)

Edem II's combat performance has remained an enigma. The weapon prowess, shield technique, and dodging ability are all there, as he proved again during this elven assault, and yet he always shies away from the killing blow. Still, he's able to engage multiple opponents and keep them occupied, so thus far, his particular quirk has mostly raised eyebrows. Stronger objections have also been stymied due to his older sister Goden II, wielder of the legendary axe known as Drencheddragons. To slander Edem II is to slander the entire Claspletter family, and among the dwarves of Relicshield, Goden II holds the singular distinction of slaying a forgotten beast.

In the meantime, the most pressing problem for Relicshield is what to do with all of the beast carcasses left after the battle. The fortress has had a food surplus for decades, so collection isn't a necessity, though the Mountainhome might appreciate a gift of exotic edibles if they can be preserved in time.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Let the Work Flow

In the third decade since the founding of Relicshield, its civilians have been just as busy as the military. Dye, clothing, food, and most importantly BOOZE, have all had their production streamlined through an esoteric dwarven technique known simply as Workflow.

The cavern, after being completely secured, has led to a textile revolution from the abundance of cave spider webs. Silk, once rarely used in garments, has now become the most common fabric in new tunics, though pig tail and rope reed fiber have remained popular for trousers and shoes.

The majority of the alpaca herd has also been moved underground. The hardy beasts have proved quite adaptable and have taken quite well to cave moss. While other grazing animals have been tried over the decades, alpacas have become the clear favorite of the Steel of Winds due to their ease of care and versatility. In fact, Relicshield has been slowly phasing out the use of all leather products other than alpaca. It should certainly simplify stock counts and equipment allocation to the marksdwarf squads.

The Unluckiest Hammerdwarf

Pop. 115, Late Autumn of 281 (Year 30)

Edem II Claspletter, once the youngest member of the army, quickly rose to the status of legendary hammerdwarf. However, his propensity for only bruising his opponents has come into question. It's been noted that he is easily moved to pity. Perhaps he never would have joined the military had it not been for the abduction of his younger brother, Mosus.

Meanwhile, it seems that the elves are not the only ones filling the recent void left by the goblin withdrawal. The kobolds of Chomin (no translation known) led a surprising assault deep into the trade tunnels, but they had the misfortune of coming across Commander Sphalerite and his squad of legendaries.

Prime Evil

Pop. 115, Late Autumn of 281 (Year 30)

After a series of goblin sieges, sometimes twice a year, the Evils of Spray pulled back from the eastern frontier. There hasn't been a goblin siege in the past two years, though surely it's only a matter of time before they lick their wounds and return. All the rage and hatred for the Steel of Winds has a surprising source. The current Prime Evil of Spray is Zefon Yellslabor... a dwarf!

Her reign began in 239 after deposing Sheka Mutedthief the Unremarkable Morsel, a demon who had ruled for over 200 years. All told, the traitorous dwarf's subjects have suffered 327 casualties, while Relicshield has lost only 6.

Wood and Steel

Pop. 115, Late Summer of 281 (Year 30)

The safety precautions put in place anticipating goblin aggression inadvertently started a war with the elves. An elven diplomat had been forgotten while all entrances to the fortress had been closed. Apparently he thought he was being held prisoner and began attacking civilians, leading to swift military intervention. This was only a year after another elven diplomat had been ambushed on the outskirts of Relicshield. The elves of the Worthy Prairies cut off all trade, then attacked just as merchants from the Mountainhome arrived. Naturally, elven wood was no match for dwarven steel.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Evils of Spray

Pop. 116, Mid-Autumn of 280 (Year 29)

For nearly a decade, the underground trade network fell into disuse. With several legendary warriors on patrol and marksdwarves watching from the eastern ramparts, the surface approach to Relicshield was secure. Caravans with up to eight wagons traveled through the main entrance which stood open day and night. Then the Evils of Spray declared all-out war against the Steel of Winds, sending horde after horde of goblins and trolls to assail the fortress. Though it struck deep into the pride of the dwarves, it was decided to abandon the eastern outpost completely.

Over the better part of a year, the spoils of war were gathered from the battlefield while the ramparts were cleared. The trade tunnels were put back into full use, though wagons have since been banned. They were found to be far too slow and cumbersome to guard between sieges, and the human caravan's departure was getting ever closer to the Mountainhome merchants' arrival with each passing year. With lighter loads and faster pack animals, trade has remained lucrative.

Now the trade network has been repurposed for war. A larger cave-in trap, longer marksdwarf fortifications, and a ballista battery have been created. The Steel of Winds lost their holdings to the east, but the Evils of Spray will gain no further ground!

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Second Age of Legends

Pop. 112, Late Winter of 277 (Year 26)

The Dragon Mistrum Ebbakrulu Kara Ves has come! A gigantic reptilian creature. It is magical and can breath fire. These monsters can live for thousands of years.

The alert was sounded and the army was ordered back to the inner keep... but Datan Dippedtowers had been lazing about and didn't respond in time.

With the death of Mistrum Brandedsweltered the Heat of Gems, the world passed from the Second Age of Myth to the Second Age of Legends (my first time getting an in-game changes of Ages)!


Pop. 88, Late Spring of 277 (Year 26)

There was something a bit iffy about one of the new migrants. Digging into historical records and religious texts revealed some clues.

The power of stone destroyed the creature's disguise... and the creature, too.

The vampire tried to pass herself off as a 113 years old, when she was in fact 190!

Nice Helm

Mid-Autumn of 276 (Year 25)

After the battle with Lerdi, the project to seal off the cavern continued with few interruptions. A giant earthworm, gorlak, olm, and several dralthas were slain when they ventured too close to the workers. A giant cave spider snared one soldier and tried to bite his head off, but the late Selenite's steel armor blocked every attack (phew).

With the death of the spider, the first of the fabled trio of caverns was brought completely under the control of Relicshield! It is rumored that jabberers dwell in the caverns below this one. Preparations are being made to delve deeper...

Sour Silver

Pop. 79, Mid-Winter of 275 (Year 24)

Momuz Anguishedpages had just turned 12 and joined the military as a budding axedwarf. Unfortunately, the giant Etog Searchtorch decided to attack the fortress on that very day. The teen dwarf stood his ground as the massive enemy's footsteps shook the very earth. Momuz swung his axe, but missed and received a fist the size of a boulder in return. The blow was powerful enough to lift the dwarf off his feet and he sailed several yards through the air to land in a heap. At that moment, the legendary swordsdwarf, Meng Roughwhips arrived and promptly slashed the giant in the back of the head. The attack knocked the giant unconscious, and in three more cuts, Etog Searchtorch was no more. Sadly, the giant's single strike broke Momuz's upper spine. He lost the ability to breathe and died soon after :(.

Later that same winter, the goblins sieged Relicshield, but they sorely underestimated the dwarves. The single goblin strike team was mostly destroyed, with the survivors scattered to the four winds.

Newlywed Olon II Treerooms fell into a strange mood and created Zunekral Avog, The Sour Silver of Dredging, a white stork bone shield.

The artifact was immediately given to Commander Sphalerite, and none to soon!

The Forgotten Beast Lerdi Eslulost has come! A great cardinal with external ribs. It has a curling trunk and it has a bloated body. Beware its webs!

Unlike the first Forgotten Beast, there was no time to use the cave-in trap. Lerdi Menaceterrors was bearing down on the civilians working on the cavern wall project. Armed with his new shield, Sphalerite rushed at the beast, trying to buy time for the workers to flee to safety. But no, Lerdi would not let them escape so easily! It spewed a mass of sticky filaments that covered all nearby. Several civilians were caught, unable to break free. Sphalerite, stronger than the average dwarf, ripped and slashed at the webs covering him, then attacked. More and more webbing covered him and he was pinned to the ground as the beast attacked.

With the alarm sounded, more soldiers soon joined the battle. The axedwarf Goden II Claspletter managed to maneuver behind Lerdi and began to hack into its exposed back. With the other soldiers keeping it busy, Goden II managed to cut the beast completely in two! The foul creature spurted its last web, then fell to the ground. The only injuries were a broken hip for Commander Sphalerite and a broken ankle for Lokum Letterplait-Meshpapers the metalsmith.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Pop. 82, Early Winter of 275 (Year 24)

Solon Basincloistered was a migrant who came to the fortress in 268. After years of writing to his mother and father, he finally convinced the elder Basincloistereds to migrate to Relicshield. Unfortunately, Solon's parents and two traveling companions were ambushed by goblin bowmen on the outskirts of the fortress. Olivine's elite squad raced to save them, but the hail of arrows quickly cut down three of the dwarves, including As, Solon's father. Id, Solon's mother, was being pelted with arrows when Olivine and crew descended on the goblins. A cyclone of blood and gore enveloped the goblin party, ending their assault. Id was taken to the hospital, though few thought she would survive. Her injuries made even those suffered by Edem II pale in comparison. However, Solon's mother beat the odds and joined the military immediately after her medical care was complete.

Meanwhile, Kogan Dashedbasment-Rakedclasps the speardwarf was forgotten after she fell into a strange mood. It was assumed she had found all she needed, but that was proven a deadly mistake when she went on a rampage. She slew a war grizzly then went after Mafol Peakedfurnace the dyer with her fell spear known to all as Ozorvumshar, aptly translated as "Subtlegloomy." An off-duty marksdwarf, Nil Orbgroup, was at the nearby quern. He shot Kogan in the right shoulder hard enough to knock Subtlegloomy from her grasp, but the crazed dwarf was undeterred. She pounced on the poor Mafol, biting, punching, and bludgeoning with her shield :(.

Captain Olivine's elite squad, which Kogan was a member of, stormed through the fortress to put an end to the carnage. Asmel Fissuretour was the first on the scene, wielding his legendary spear Lirvesh, "The Climactic Dusts." Though the two speardwarves were battle comrades, Asmel did not hesitate. He went straight for her head, stabbing her twice and ending the chaos. Though Kogan had been disarmed before she slew Mafol, Subtlegloomy was still seen as cursed. As a legendary weapon, none could bear to destroy it, but the fell spear was left to gather dust.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Nuwetha and the First Cavern

Pop. 76, Mid-Spring of 275 (Year 24)

The past few years were quite eventful. Adil Craftswarded, the best swordsdwarf of Relicshield, celebrated the military enlistment of his son, Adil II. The elder Adil reminded many of the tales of Adil Bootmirrors, the legendary hero of the lost fortress of Greatestbodice. Adil Craftswarded shared the same affinity for swords as Adil Bootmirrors, and became a legend in his own right along with his sword, Spatteredcolumns the Responsibilities of Calamities. Adil Craftswarded bestowed the sword on Adil II as he and his son became the second family with members serving concurrently in the military, along with Edem II and Goden II Claspletter.

Selenite Ivyrope, one of the Original Seven, and the armorer of the fortress, fell to a goblin snatcher. The fiend stabbed him in the throat and he bled to death before he could be taken to the hospital :(. His one true love was the legendary hammerdwarf and fortress 2nd-in-command Olivine. Though they never married or had children, Selenite's legacy lives on in the fine armor he crafted.

In happier news, Olon II Treerooms & Ingiz II Watchbolted were married, giving Relicshield the very first marriage between dwarves born there.

Finally, after over a year of digging, the first of the legendary caverns was breached! The bizarre bioluminescent flora and even odder fauna had a strange beauty, but the dangers of the depths have been passed down in tales for generations. Soon enough, one of the monstrosities from ages past made itself known!

The Forgotten Beast Nuwetha has come! An enormous one-eyed pterosaur. It has a long, spiral horn and it undulates rhythmically. Its pine green scales are jagged and overlapping. Beware its deadly blood!

Choosing caution over a head-on assault, Commander Sphalerite made a tactical retreat to lure the beast to its doom. It gave chase, then came upon a room with over a dozen dwarf statues. Thinking it had found its prey, Nuwetha entered. The lone pillar in the room gave way while the creature attacked silent rock replicas. Mighty are the forgotten beasts, but stone is mightier still.

Tree Huggers

Pop. 78, Late Spring of 273 (Year 22)

Trade continues smoothly with the humans and elves. The pointy ears have even seen fit to send a diplomat. Duke Phyllite agreed to a tree preservation treaty while laughing off the thinly veiled insults and general lack of courtesy.

With all the logs the elves bring each year, there has been little need for wood cutting. The elves also brought another grizzly sow, though the military has been slowly phasing out the use of war grizzlies. While helpful in the beginning, the goblins have been sending better equipped troops who have been more than a match for the bears. Meanwhile, multiple tunnels are currently being mined, though no natural caverns have been found so far.

Friday, May 24, 2013

20th Anniversary

Pop. 79, Mid-Spring of 271 (Year 20)

The fortress celebrated its 2nd decade of expanding the frontiers of dwarven civilization. The devastating goblin ambush on the human caravan in 268 hasn't been repeated, in large part due to the heavy patrols that now monitor the southeast at all times. It was feared that the grievous human losses would be blamed on Relicshield and reignite The Conflict of Infernos (I love the Legends viewer). However, cooler heads prevailed among the humans this time, no doubt helped along by their decisive defeat during that short-lived war.

Meanwhile, the cave-in trap was tested successfully and now awaits any trolls or larger beasts who can't resist the temptation of toppling a lone pillar*. Miners have also begun delving into the underground in earnest, though so far no caverns have been found.

* I didn't realize at the time that building destroyers aren't enticed by pillars themselves :(.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mad Mandate

Pop. 78, Late Winter of 269 (Year 18)

8 citizens faced justice for defying Duke Phyllite's mandate forbidding the sale of all bolts (oops). With only 7 (very posh) jail cells available, justice was also served with fists. Shorast Earthenbreaths, a speardwarf, thought she was relatively safe, since she was still in her armor when the sheriff marched up to her, but he then gave her compound fracture in her left hand :(. Meanwhile, Lokum Meshpapers, Relicshield's 2nd best weaponsmith, refused to drink or eat due to being separated from her newborn baby, Tulon. Thankfully, Sheriff Urdim Channeltree was in a merciful mood when he released her from the cell. She suffered some bruises, then brushed herself off and went looking for her child.

Meanwhile, the general malaise that seemed to slow time itself has finally been lifted (Thank you DFHack "clean all" function! Goodbye 80 fps and hello 100).

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cubs Underfoot

Pop. 78, Mid-Summer of 269 (Year 18)

Relicshields's warbear breeding program was scaled back after far too many cubs were getting in the way and slowing everything down. Correspondence with Slothen, a renowned scholar from the Mountainhome, yielded a far more efficient plan.

Disturbing rumors of titans who still walk the lands have led to the construction of a cave-in trap within the underground trade network. However, testing was postponed due to a spate of goblin ambushes at the eastern outpost.

Meanwhile, Edem II, the young recruit who suffered grievous injuries a year ago, is now back on his feet and fully healed!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Relicshield ER

Pop. 75, Mid-Autumn of 268 (Year 17)

Trade with the humans had barely had a chance to recover before the goblins conducted a massive, coordinated ambush. Even though the defenders of Relicshield did their best, one of the wagons was destroyed and the humans fled for the hills rather than the safety of the fortress. The melee troops had the support of several new marksdwarves shooting from recently constructed ramparts. Edem II, eager for revenge, was right in the middle of the battle when he came up against a particularly fearsome goblin armed with a silver mace. The fourteen year old member of Relicshield's army did his best, but he found himself outclassed.

His sister, Goden II, watched over him while help was on the way, but things looked grim.

This was by far the toughest challenge yet for Dr. Dolomite and the medical staff of Relicshield. To make matters even worse, the soap supplies had dwindled to nothing without anyone noticing! Edem II's wounds were cleaned with fresh well water, but he still got several infections. All four medics of the fortress tended to him night and day, with help from the medically experienced metalsmith who carried him from the field of battle.

After a month and a half, Edem II was released from the hospital, a little worse for wear, but still ready for combat training, cast & crutches be d@mned!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fashion Forward

Summer of 267 (Year 16)

After seeing the latest sartorial trends of the humans and elves, Duke Phyllite swore that Relicshield would not only become the new Mountainhome, but also the fashion capital of the world! To that end, he decreed that all clothing with even the slightest bit of wear be thrown out. All industries in the fortress came to a screeching halt as cabinets and coffers were emptied and thousands upon thousands of threadbare clothes, socks, and rags that somehow passed for shirts, were thrown out. Known as The Great Purging, only time will tell if Duke Phyllite will realize his ultimate goal...

(I finally got around to using DFHack's cleanowned function. 16 years worth of clothes is a LOT. It took forever for the dwarves to get rid of all that stuff!)

Oath Fulfilled

Pop. 58, Late Summer of 266 (Year 15)

Edem II has fulfilled his oath to join the military in memory of his abducted brother Mosus. Along with his older sister, the axedwarf Goden II, the goblins will pay in blood! Unfortunately, as Relicshield gains one soldier, it loses another - Dodok Calmedbust, née Clawsack, the eagle-eyed marksdwarf from last year's siege :(.

As Dodok was laid to rest, the humans returned... but bearing gifts, rather than swords (or giant snails).

Peace was granted and trade returned to normal. As a nod to widower Ushrir Calmedbust, the minecart route where Dodok struck first blood was named after her.

First Siege

Pop. 58, Late Summer of 265 (Year 14)

The fortress faced its first siege, but from a surprising enemy. Rather than goblins, it was the humans! The citizens of Relicshield were shocked, as trade had been going well with the tall ones. Rumors have it that the goblins framed the dwarves with the death of a human diplomat from the year before. Still, for a siege, it was rather small. The humans only fielded 21 soldiers, including one mounted on a giant snail :o. Dodok Calmedbust the marksdwarf drew first blood with a fatal headshot to an axeman and set the tone for the rest of the battle.

14 of the humans were slain, causing the rest to flee in terror.

Meanwhile, Relicshield mourned the first loss of a military dwarf. He died not in battle, but of old age, having lived his 169 years to the fullest.

Power Punch

Pop. 60, Late Winter of 264 (Year 13)

The registration for 2 new toddlers was somehow overlooked and they were never added to the day care center. This wasn't noticed until one ran by militia captain Olivine, who was stationed at the Northeast surface outpost. Little Momuz Anguishedpages ran smack dab into a goblin snatcher, who stabbed him in the leg before stuffing him in a sack >:(. Olivine wasn't having it and chased that kidnapper down! After hammer smashing the arm with the sack and freeing the child, Olivine punched the goblin in the spine hard enough to paralyze her.

The kid's is now safely in the hospital and is being treated by Dr. Pointpaddles, coincidentally also named Momuz.

The fort also welcomed its first two grizzly bear cubs this season!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Warbears and Day Care

Pop. 60, Late Spring of 264 (Year 13)

The elves have FINALLY provided a bear sow! Now with a mated pair, the dream of one warbear for every soldier will soon be a reality! Meanwhile, the abduction spree has come to an end with the creation of a day care center. With beds, statues, and the finest food, the children of the fort have stopped running amok.

Party Time!

Summer of 261 (Year 10)

As promised, Duke Phyllite bestowed a private statue garden to his son, Phyllite II. For his 5th birthday, a party was held in the garden. Apparently the concept of chaperones is foreign to dwarves, as the party proceeded without any adult participation.


Pop. 59, Early Spring of 261 (Year 10)

The fortress celebrated its 10th year, longer than any other fort in the region.  The underground trade network has allowed non-stop commerce.  With coal from the Mountainhome and wood from the humans and elves, the forges of Relicshield have been burning nonstop.  Recruits were handpicked from the hauler force, bringing the number of fully steelclad warriors up to 15.  A weredeer and minotaur were no match for the defenders.  There was much to celebrate.  However, the festivities are tempered with tragedy due to the first abduction of a child by enemy forces in the previous winter.

SIX snatchers were discovered during the largest assault against Relicshield to date.  3 were slain immediately, 2 were chased off, but somehow 1 kidnapper was able to slip by.  Mosus, son of Goden the broker and Edem the carpenter, was only 2 years old when he was snatched away.  His 18-year-old sister Goden II, the youngest member of Relicshield's militia, was in the battle, but she had no idea Mosus was anywhere nearby before he was snatched.  His 8-year-old brother, Edem II, has sworn to join the militia in five years, when he is of age.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Child's Play

Early Summer of 260 (Year 9)

Phyllite II, the four year old son of Duke Phyllite & Duchess Cinnabar, ran right past the guards stationed at the southwest trade tunnel entrance.  A bit of panic ensued as the headstrong child headed off to parts unknown.  However, he suddenly appeared on top of the half-built courtyard roof, revealing a single dirt ramp that had been overlooked.  For over a year, there had been a secret path into the fort that no one knew about!  Pending punishment turned quickly to praise, with plans for Phyllite II's very own statue garden in the works.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Exalted Delight

Early Autumn of 258 (Year 7)

Two goblin raiding parties attempted to waylay a human caravan. Led by traitorous dwarves, they were still no match for the forces of Relicshield.  Dishmab Vesselbrain quickly lived up to her name.

The caravan and diplomat were protected from all hostilities and departed from the fortress safely. Commander Sphalerite took a moment to commemorate the occasion.

Translation: The Exalted Delight

Took an arrow to the heel...

Winter of 256 (Year 5)

The caravan from the Mountainhome entered the Deep Roads safely, but the lollygagging outpost liaison was caught by an ambush. Olivine the hammerdwarf was the first to respond, braving a hail of arrows, but alas she was too late. The liaison was killed by a silver bolt to the back. Before Olivine could kill the murderous archer, a goblin axeman blocked her way. She bit him on the head, but with her attention elsewhere, she took an arrow to the heel. Even as she fell, she gave the goblin's head a good shake!

Before the axeman could improve his aim, Olivine's commander Sphalerite waded into the fray.

It seems the lost art of plaster casting has been rediscovered by Dolomite, the chief medic of Relicshield. Prior to this, all attempts at setting bones used only splints and couldn't seem to make heads or tails of available plaster ;).

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Unexpected Visitor

The first few years went by without a hitch. Before the settlement was even five years old, Relic, the Ancient Gravel sent news that it had been elevated to status of barony. Phyllite Taxeddagger was chosen as Baron. News spread quickly to the surrounding civilizations, prompting a visit that raised quite a bushy dwarven brows!

"A blind demonic diplomat from Nabsizpesor has arrived."

Phyllite, the Baron of Relicshield was reluctant to meet with this so-called emissary of the humans. After a bit of deliberation, it was decided that the baron would meet the diplomat outside of the fortress proper, but still within the safety of the underground trade network. However, two goblin ambush parties attacked the visitor before the meeting could take place. Sphalerite, the champion axedwarf of Relicshield, led the charge, cutting a swath of destruction and saving the demon's life. The things dwarves do for good trade relations...

The Deep Roads

Pop. 29, 251-255

Two early waves of migration put the population of Relicshield past two dozen in the first few years. The settlement quickly established itself as a provisions outpost specializing in high quality food and beverages for traveling merchants. Due to the recent weregoat attack and rumors of nearby goblin activity, an alternative to surface trading was sought. After much planning and digging, an underground tunnel network was created to help caravans and migrants travel more safely.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Weregoat Bite

Autumn & Winter of 251

The swordsdwarf Cerol Typhoonmetals-Mirrorwasps, a recent migrant, was attacked by a weregoat. She was armed with only a wooden training sword and was bitten on the leg before the creature transformed back into a human and fled. Cerol was placed in quarantine, but did not transform into a weregoat during the full moon and died of thirst. Apparently the bite never actually penetrated her cloak.

The Steel of Winds

Pop. 7, Spring of 251

Seven dwarves left the mountains of the Ancient Gravel, traveling far to the west. Known collectively as the Steel of Winds, the settlers were determined to prevail despite goblin aggression. Named after their mineral preferences, these dwarves were the only ones known in such a way and thus were easy to distinguish from the many migrants who came later. The following dwarves comprised the Original Seven of the Steel of Winds.

Sphalerite the axedwarf
Olivine the hammerdwarf
Phyllite the miner
Cinnabar the miner
Dolomite the medic and clerk
Selenite the armorsmith & weaponsmith
Gypsum the woodcutter & carpenter

The Realms of Prophecy

Our story begins on Omon Acath, the Realms of Prophecy, during the Second Age of Myth. The world is home to eight dwarven civilizations, including the Ancient Gravel from which Relicshield was born.

Strike the Earth!

This is the ongoing saga of Relicshield, a settlement in the game known as Dwarf Fortress. The following blog pulls directly from the entries I posted on the DF forum's "What's going on in your fort" thread. I didn't keep good records for the first few years, since most of my forts have been quite similar. Dig down, create farms, cook food, rage quit after goblins kill a favorite dwarf. Rinse, repeat. Whereas previous forts lasted around five or so years, Relicshield turned into a completely different experience, with over a hundred years so far. I hope you enjoy this chronicle of dwarven fortitude in the face of adversity!