Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Unexpected Visitor

The first few years went by without a hitch. Before the settlement was even five years old, Relic, the Ancient Gravel sent news that it had been elevated to status of barony. Phyllite Taxeddagger was chosen as Baron. News spread quickly to the surrounding civilizations, prompting a visit that raised quite a bushy dwarven brows!

"A blind demonic diplomat from Nabsizpesor has arrived."

Phyllite, the Baron of Relicshield was reluctant to meet with this so-called emissary of the humans. After a bit of deliberation, it was decided that the baron would meet the diplomat outside of the fortress proper, but still within the safety of the underground trade network. However, two goblin ambush parties attacked the visitor before the meeting could take place. Sphalerite, the champion axedwarf of Relicshield, led the charge, cutting a swath of destruction and saving the demon's life. The things dwarves do for good trade relations...

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