Sunday, May 26, 2013


Pop. 82, Early Winter of 275 (Year 24)

Solon Basincloistered was a migrant who came to the fortress in 268. After years of writing to his mother and father, he finally convinced the elder Basincloistereds to migrate to Relicshield. Unfortunately, Solon's parents and two traveling companions were ambushed by goblin bowmen on the outskirts of the fortress. Olivine's elite squad raced to save them, but the hail of arrows quickly cut down three of the dwarves, including As, Solon's father. Id, Solon's mother, was being pelted with arrows when Olivine and crew descended on the goblins. A cyclone of blood and gore enveloped the goblin party, ending their assault. Id was taken to the hospital, though few thought she would survive. Her injuries made even those suffered by Edem II pale in comparison. However, Solon's mother beat the odds and joined the military immediately after her medical care was complete.

Meanwhile, Kogan Dashedbasment-Rakedclasps the speardwarf was forgotten after she fell into a strange mood. It was assumed she had found all she needed, but that was proven a deadly mistake when she went on a rampage. She slew a war grizzly then went after Mafol Peakedfurnace the dyer with her fell spear known to all as Ozorvumshar, aptly translated as "Subtlegloomy." An off-duty marksdwarf, Nil Orbgroup, was at the nearby quern. He shot Kogan in the right shoulder hard enough to knock Subtlegloomy from her grasp, but the crazed dwarf was undeterred. She pounced on the poor Mafol, biting, punching, and bludgeoning with her shield :(.

Captain Olivine's elite squad, which Kogan was a member of, stormed through the fortress to put an end to the carnage. Asmel Fissuretour was the first on the scene, wielding his legendary spear Lirvesh, "The Climactic Dusts." Though the two speardwarves were battle comrades, Asmel did not hesitate. He went straight for her head, stabbing her twice and ending the chaos. Though Kogan had been disarmed before she slew Mafol, Subtlegloomy was still seen as cursed. As a legendary weapon, none could bear to destroy it, but the fell spear was left to gather dust.

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