Sunday, May 19, 2013

Power Punch

Pop. 60, Late Winter of 264 (Year 13)

The registration for 2 new toddlers was somehow overlooked and they were never added to the day care center. This wasn't noticed until one ran by militia captain Olivine, who was stationed at the Northeast surface outpost. Little Momuz Anguishedpages ran smack dab into a goblin snatcher, who stabbed him in the leg before stuffing him in a sack >:(. Olivine wasn't having it and chased that kidnapper down! After hammer smashing the arm with the sack and freeing the child, Olivine punched the goblin in the spine hard enough to paralyze her.

The kid's is now safely in the hospital and is being treated by Dr. Pointpaddles, coincidentally also named Momuz.

The fort also welcomed its first two grizzly bear cubs this season!

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