Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fashion Forward

Summer of 267 (Year 16)

After seeing the latest sartorial trends of the humans and elves, Duke Phyllite swore that Relicshield would not only become the new Mountainhome, but also the fashion capital of the world! To that end, he decreed that all clothing with even the slightest bit of wear be thrown out. All industries in the fortress came to a screeching halt as cabinets and coffers were emptied and thousands upon thousands of threadbare clothes, socks, and rags that somehow passed for shirts, were thrown out. Known as The Great Purging, only time will tell if Duke Phyllite will realize his ultimate goal...

(I finally got around to using DFHack's cleanowned function. 16 years worth of clothes is a LOT. It took forever for the dwarves to get rid of all that stuff!)

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