Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Took an arrow to the heel...

Winter of 256 (Year 5)

The caravan from the Mountainhome entered the Deep Roads safely, but the lollygagging outpost liaison was caught by an ambush. Olivine the hammerdwarf was the first to respond, braving a hail of arrows, but alas she was too late. The liaison was killed by a silver bolt to the back. Before Olivine could kill the murderous archer, a goblin axeman blocked her way. She bit him on the head, but with her attention elsewhere, she took an arrow to the heel. Even as she fell, she gave the goblin's head a good shake!

Before the axeman could improve his aim, Olivine's commander Sphalerite waded into the fray.

It seems the lost art of plaster casting has been rediscovered by Dolomite, the chief medic of Relicshield. Prior to this, all attempts at setting bones used only splints and couldn't seem to make heads or tails of available plaster ;).

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