Monday, May 20, 2013

Relicshield ER

Pop. 75, Mid-Autumn of 268 (Year 17)

Trade with the humans had barely had a chance to recover before the goblins conducted a massive, coordinated ambush. Even though the defenders of Relicshield did their best, one of the wagons was destroyed and the humans fled for the hills rather than the safety of the fortress. The melee troops had the support of several new marksdwarves shooting from recently constructed ramparts. Edem II, eager for revenge, was right in the middle of the battle when he came up against a particularly fearsome goblin armed with a silver mace. The fourteen year old member of Relicshield's army did his best, but he found himself outclassed.

His sister, Goden II, watched over him while help was on the way, but things looked grim.

This was by far the toughest challenge yet for Dr. Dolomite and the medical staff of Relicshield. To make matters even worse, the soap supplies had dwindled to nothing without anyone noticing! Edem II's wounds were cleaned with fresh well water, but he still got several infections. All four medics of the fortress tended to him night and day, with help from the medically experienced metalsmith who carried him from the field of battle.

After a month and a half, Edem II was released from the hospital, a little worse for wear, but still ready for combat training, cast & crutches be d@mned!

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