Saturday, May 25, 2013

Nuwetha and the First Cavern

Pop. 76, Mid-Spring of 275 (Year 24)

The past few years were quite eventful. Adil Craftswarded, the best swordsdwarf of Relicshield, celebrated the military enlistment of his son, Adil II. The elder Adil reminded many of the tales of Adil Bootmirrors, the legendary hero of the lost fortress of Greatestbodice. Adil Craftswarded shared the same affinity for swords as Adil Bootmirrors, and became a legend in his own right along with his sword, Spatteredcolumns the Responsibilities of Calamities. Adil Craftswarded bestowed the sword on Adil II as he and his son became the second family with members serving concurrently in the military, along with Edem II and Goden II Claspletter.

Selenite Ivyrope, one of the Original Seven, and the armorer of the fortress, fell to a goblin snatcher. The fiend stabbed him in the throat and he bled to death before he could be taken to the hospital :(. His one true love was the legendary hammerdwarf and fortress 2nd-in-command Olivine. Though they never married or had children, Selenite's legacy lives on in the fine armor he crafted.

In happier news, Olon II Treerooms & Ingiz II Watchbolted were married, giving Relicshield the very first marriage between dwarves born there.

Finally, after over a year of digging, the first of the legendary caverns was breached! The bizarre bioluminescent flora and even odder fauna had a strange beauty, but the dangers of the depths have been passed down in tales for generations. Soon enough, one of the monstrosities from ages past made itself known!

The Forgotten Beast Nuwetha has come! An enormous one-eyed pterosaur. It has a long, spiral horn and it undulates rhythmically. Its pine green scales are jagged and overlapping. Beware its deadly blood!

Choosing caution over a head-on assault, Commander Sphalerite made a tactical retreat to lure the beast to its doom. It gave chase, then came upon a room with over a dozen dwarf statues. Thinking it had found its prey, Nuwetha entered. The lone pillar in the room gave way while the creature attacked silent rock replicas. Mighty are the forgotten beasts, but stone is mightier still.

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