Friday, May 17, 2013


Pop. 59, Early Spring of 261 (Year 10)

The fortress celebrated its 10th year, longer than any other fort in the region.  The underground trade network has allowed non-stop commerce.  With coal from the Mountainhome and wood from the humans and elves, the forges of Relicshield have been burning nonstop.  Recruits were handpicked from the hauler force, bringing the number of fully steelclad warriors up to 15.  A weredeer and minotaur were no match for the defenders.  There was much to celebrate.  However, the festivities are tempered with tragedy due to the first abduction of a child by enemy forces in the previous winter.

SIX snatchers were discovered during the largest assault against Relicshield to date.  3 were slain immediately, 2 were chased off, but somehow 1 kidnapper was able to slip by.  Mosus, son of Goden the broker and Edem the carpenter, was only 2 years old when he was snatched away.  His 18-year-old sister Goden II, the youngest member of Relicshield's militia, was in the battle, but she had no idea Mosus was anywhere nearby before he was snatched.  His 8-year-old brother, Edem II, has sworn to join the militia in five years, when he is of age.

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