Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Let the Work Flow

In the third decade since the founding of Relicshield, its civilians have been just as busy as the military. Dye, clothing, food, and most importantly BOOZE, have all had their production streamlined through an esoteric dwarven technique known simply as Workflow.

The cavern, after being completely secured, has led to a textile revolution from the abundance of cave spider webs. Silk, once rarely used in garments, has now become the most common fabric in new tunics, though pig tail and rope reed fiber have remained popular for trousers and shoes.

The majority of the alpaca herd has also been moved underground. The hardy beasts have proved quite adaptable and have taken quite well to cave moss. While other grazing animals have been tried over the decades, alpacas have become the clear favorite of the Steel of Winds due to their ease of care and versatility. In fact, Relicshield has been slowly phasing out the use of all leather products other than alpaca. It should certainly simplify stock counts and equipment allocation to the marksdwarf squads.

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