Saturday, June 1, 2013


Pop. 110, Late Winter of 284 (Year 33)

The fortress was still reeling from the deaths of Edem and Nish, when a mining accident claimed the lives of Duchess Consort Cinnabar Taxeddagger, Stinthad Esteemclasp the mayor, and Sigun Vesselbrain, husband of the legendary macedwarf Dishmab. The mining expedition in search of the second fabled cavern received incomplete digging plans and a necessary stairwell was left half-done (i.e. poor overseer oversight and forgetting about my miners after using Quickfort) :(.

Stinthad and Sigun died of thirst before the rest of the fortress realized anything was amiss. A secondary tunnel was quickly mined out and Cinnabar made it to the dining hall... only to perish with a whip wine barrel in front of her.

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