Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Arena Preparation

Pop. 159, Late Winter of 343, Year 92

258 goblin and troll prisoners were thrown into the pit at the bottom of the arena to await their fate for the upcoming gladiatorial games. While the dwarves were careful at first, only removing prisoners with cages adjacent to the pit, they soon discovered that all of the captives were completely demoralized. Caution was thrown to the wind and a great goblin & troll pit dropping party commenced!

None offered any resistance, including the usually wily snatchers and thieves.

Friday, December 13, 2013


Pop. 160, Late Winter of 341 (Year 90)

Atis and Kosoth Blockadetempted lost their only son, Atis II, to a goblin snatcher.

The news shocked the fortress, as the last abduction of a child happened 80 years ago. Overconfidence was the root cause. Despite a goblin incursion, the order for all civilians to return to safety was never ordered. With siege after siege beaten back, the danger of quick goblin snatchers was overlooked just this once to tragic results.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Final Judgment

Pop. 161, Early Spring 341 (Year 90)

Atis the Vampire languished in prison for 7 years before an appropriate sentence was decided on. While some dwarves pointed out that she would be perfect for the position of bookkeeper and manager, the family of the vampire's victim, Morul Anguishedpages, saw nothing less than death as a satisfactory punishment. As one of the largest families of the fortress, second only to the Channeltree clan, there was little hope for a merciful outcome. The current mayor, Mosus II, had married into the Anguishedpages family and thus recused herself from the decision. Dishmab Shootwondered-Vesselbrain, heiress to the throne, made the final judgment and carried out the sentence with the legendary mace, Drumseer. The fact that the victim was only a child sealed Atis's fate.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dragon Legacy

Pop. 165, Early Winter of 339 (Year 88)

The Dragon Etog Ngobsulo Slakga Zangu has come! A gigantic reptilian creature. It is magical and can breath fire. These monsters can live for thousands of years.

A new dragon was captured! Not only that, but it was discovered that Etog has strong connections to three of the four dragons that perished during the Rampage of Tob. He is the former mate of Ibmat, the fortress's first dragon, the father of Slusa, the youngest adult dragon, and the son of Istrath, Relicshield's largest dragon.

Meng II Lanterngaze-Channeltree has her work cut out for her in training Etog. Hopefully she and Etog will live up to the fine legacy left behind by Meng Roughwhips and his dragons.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Last Straw

Pop. 165, Late Autumn of 339 (Year 88)

The traffic jam and subsequent shouting match between human and dwarven merchants appears to have been the last straw for the Tattooed Confederacy. With tensions already high due to the death of a diplomat, the humans declared war. The first siege was routed without any losses. Perhaps they will sue for peace by next summer.


Pop. 165, Early Summer 339 (Year 88)

While cleaning up the remains of a broken goblin siege, an unconscious dwarf civilian was found in one of the cages marked for destruction. With so much blood and gore everywhere, it's fortunate that he was noticed at all. When Aban Fissuretoure regained consciousness, he explained how had been stabbed with a spear before he could flee to safety. He was bleeding and was in need of medical attention, but the normal methods of releasing prisoners from cages weren't the best options for a dwarf suffering from serious spear wound. Luckily, the time-consuming, but safe method of lever-release was used and Aban was able to get medical attention in time. In case of a future occurrence, an alternative method of safely extricating injured dwarves from cages is now being sought.

Traffic Jam

Late Autumn through Mid-Winter of 338 (Year 87)

For years, traffic has flowed through the underground trade network without a hitch. Wagons have been allowed occasionally, though if the humans were granted access for their wagons for a season, dwarven wagons were barred that same year to prevent traffic jams. This year, while the humans were packing up, the dwarven caravan was nowhere in sight.

Thinking that perhaps the earlier fighting with goblins had caused dwarven merchants to avoid the area, the human wagons were released. The dwarven caravan arrived soon after, causing a massive pile-up in the main northern tunnel.

The tunnel was expanded to no avail. The draft animals refused to budge, even when a troll prisoner was released nearby to frighten them into moving. Finally, several of the wagons broke down in the chaos and the merchants were able to squeeze by each other, though harsh words were shared between the humans and dwarves.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sigun Graniteright

Pop. 166, Late Summer of 338 (Year 87)

All the entrances to the trade network have been open this year, providing greater security to merchants. Once rare, cage traps have been crafted in much greater numbers in preparation for the upcoming gladiatorial games in the Spring of 351. Unfortunately, Sigun Graniteright, a 14-year-old marksdwarf recruit, was slain during the most recent siege. When the alarms sounded, she forgot to fill her quiver. Rather than retreat to restock, she charged into melee ahead of more experienced warriors and was killed by a headshot from a goblin bowman.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ibmat's Brood

Pop. 167, Mid-Summer of 338 (Year 87)

Ibmat's hatchlings did well against their first forgotten beast. Protected by fortifications, they blasted the creature with fire, leaving no trace of it behind.

Still, the dragon guards will be managed with greater oversight so that the tragedy that befell the adult dragons isn't repeated. Should another forgotten beast appear that dragons cannot handle, the cave-in trap will be deployed!

Return to the Caverns

Pop. 167, Late Spring 338 (Year 87)

With more forgotten beasts entering the lower reaches, it was decided to bring Ibmat's two oldest hatchlings into service earlier than originally planned. Several of the best warriors of Relicshield ventured into the Second Cavern to hold back any forgotten beasts that might approach before the dragons were ready. Two forgotten beasts rushed the reopened area, but were quickly dealt with.

The Forgotten Beast Zitha Siga Sedast has come! A gigantic quadruped composed of steam. It has a stubby horn and it undulates rhythmically.

Zitha was no match for Stakud II Roughwhips-Lanterngaze, daughter of the legendary dragon trainer, Meng Roughwhips.

The Forgotten Beast Kosmza Sodorosnong has come! An enormous three-eyed mosquito. It has a long, straight horn and it undulates rhythmically. Beware its hunger for warm blood!

Deler, patriarch of of the Anguishedpages family, slew the next creature to emerge. Though known for his prowess with the sword, Deler defeated Koz with a shield strike.

The Mountain Titan

Pop. 167, Autumn of 337 (Year 86)

The vast majority of megabeasts that the dwarves of Relicshield have fought have been forgotten beasts from the caverns below.  Four decades ago, a swamp titan breached the fortress's defenses due to a security oversight, but luckily the Relicshield's war grizzlies were on hand.  When a new titan appeared, this time from the mountains, the guards were ready.

The Mountain Titan Slesat Zolstez Susalonu has come! An enormous three-eyed dimetrodon. It has a broad shell and it has an austere look about it. Its pink scales are jagged and overlapping. Beware its webs!

Slesat quickly entered the underground trade network's eastern tunnel.  The creature was met in battle by several legendary soldiers, including Cog Slingriddles.  Already a slayer of a forgotten beasts, Cog hacked away with his axe known as "Swelteredhaunts," eventually cutting the titan in two:

"The Soldier Axe hacks The Mountain Titan in the lower body from behind with his Keshshakdumur and the severed part sails off in an arc!"

Arena Construction

Pop. 167, Mid-Summer of 337 (Year 86)

Miners have been busy digging out the beginnings of an arena. Unfortunately there was a cave-in accident and Astesh Goodhatchet-Gearriddled died. The first match of the future gladiatorial games will be dedicated to her.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Meng and His Dragons

Pop. 169, Late Summer of 336 (Year 85)

Perhaps Meng Roughwhips was prescient. Soon after he appointed an apprentice to help with dragon training, a forgotten beast even mightier than Engror Crypthate ventured into the Second Cavern.

The Forgotten Beast Tob Omsostacnu has come! A gigantic sauropod with external ribs. It has large mandibles and it undulates rhythmically. Its dark violet scales are large and close-set. Beware its deadly dust!

The four largest dragons of Relicshield took on the monster, but its deadly dust and frozen extract proved to be a match for dragon fire. Istrath, Ibmat, Slusa, and Mistrum all perished, but before they died, they took the forgotten beast with them. Meng Roughwhips refused to abandon the wounded dragons during the battle and died alongside them :(. Thirteen dragon hatchlings remain, but the two eldest have nearly thirty years before they reach adulthood. For now, the Second Cavern has been abandoned. Once the brood of Ibmat reaches 51 years of age, the dragons of Relicshield will return to the underworld to do battle!


Pop. 170, Late Spring of 336 (Year 85)

The dwarves were eager to trade with the elves for logs and wooden cages to house prisoners for the gladiatorial games. Though the centennial celebration was 15 years away, new mayor Ilral Wheelrang want to get preparations underway well in advance. Unfortunately, when the elven caravan arrived at the southeast border, they were set upon by a horde of goblin lashers. The cursed weapons, strong enough to penetrate dwarven steel, wiped out the elves long before the dwarven guards could arrive. So soon after the death of a human diplomat, more and more of Relicshield's citizens are clamoring for greater protection for the kingdom's allies. Opening all the gates of the underground trade network is under consideration.

A New Apprentice

Relicshield, pop. 170, Early Spring of 336 (Year 85)

The legendary dragon trainer Meng Roughwhips has worked alone for over a decade. His first apprentice was his daughter-in-law Nish Anguishedpages-Roughwhips, but she died during the Tantrum Spiral of 323. At 114 years of age, Meng knew it was time to find a new apprentice to pass on his skills. Many dwarves clamored for the position and the chance to work with the fortress's dragons, but only one was chosen. Meng found the perfect candidate in Meng II Channeltree-Lanterngaze, an unrelated 33-year-old dwarf with no prior experience, but high potential. As prep work for working with the dragons, Meng II was tasked with training a new generation of war grizzlies. With the plague of stunted growth a thing of the past, war grizzlies have returned to service as trade network guards.

Beware the Werelemur

Autumn of 335 (Year 84)

As the human diplomat Vicu Esminperad approached Relicshield, he was suddenly attacked by the werelemur Lekla. Before help could arrive, he was slain, but the dwarf Rith Crescenttours slew the cursed creature before she could escape. Hopefully the Tattooed Confederacy doesn't use this death as a pretense for war.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Background Checks

Pop. 169, Winter of 334 (Fort Year 83)

The population of the Mountainhome has continued to surge. Migrants were welcomed with open arms and the usual background checks were completely forgotten about. Disaster struck when a toddler was found drained of blood in the middle of the kindergarten! There were no witnesses, but Urdim Channeltree, Captain of the Guard, immediately checked through the written histories of every recent migrant. He found inconsistencies with a spinner named Atis. She was arrested and jailed without food or water.

Seasons passed and when Atis showed no signs of hunger, it was confirmed that she was the vampire. The kingdom's previous vampire was executed on the spot, but most residents of Relicshield felt this was far too kind. The creature has been placed in a secure prison until such time as a fitting punishment has been devised.

Meanwhile, Zefon III of the noble Taxeddagger clan was recently inducted into the military. His great-grandfather, Phyllite I, was the a member of the Original Seven and was the Duke of Relicshield before it became the capital of the Ancient Gravel. The young soldier performed well during his first siege. Though surrounded by legendary soldiers who led the battle in a crimson tide, Zefon III managed to get a killing blow before all the goblins of the Evils of Spray were vanquished.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Population Boom

Pop. 154, Summer of 332 (Fort Year 81)

Almost a decade ago, a tantrum spiral toppled the Mountainhome's population of 134 down to 74. Relicshield has finally made a full recovery due to a massive baby boom and renewed migration. This year also marked the birth of Edem IV, the grandson of Edem II, the tiny hammerdwarf who helped uncover the plague of dwarven dwarfism afflicting all fortress-born dwarves.