Monday, May 27, 2013

Sour Silver

Pop. 79, Mid-Winter of 275 (Year 24)

Momuz Anguishedpages had just turned 12 and joined the military as a budding axedwarf. Unfortunately, the giant Etog Searchtorch decided to attack the fortress on that very day. The teen dwarf stood his ground as the massive enemy's footsteps shook the very earth. Momuz swung his axe, but missed and received a fist the size of a boulder in return. The blow was powerful enough to lift the dwarf off his feet and he sailed several yards through the air to land in a heap. At that moment, the legendary swordsdwarf, Meng Roughwhips arrived and promptly slashed the giant in the back of the head. The attack knocked the giant unconscious, and in three more cuts, Etog Searchtorch was no more. Sadly, the giant's single strike broke Momuz's upper spine. He lost the ability to breathe and died soon after :(.

Later that same winter, the goblins sieged Relicshield, but they sorely underestimated the dwarves. The single goblin strike team was mostly destroyed, with the survivors scattered to the four winds.

Newlywed Olon II Treerooms fell into a strange mood and created Zunekral Avog, The Sour Silver of Dredging, a white stork bone shield.

The artifact was immediately given to Commander Sphalerite, and none to soon!

The Forgotten Beast Lerdi Eslulost has come! A great cardinal with external ribs. It has a curling trunk and it has a bloated body. Beware its webs!

Unlike the first Forgotten Beast, there was no time to use the cave-in trap. Lerdi Menaceterrors was bearing down on the civilians working on the cavern wall project. Armed with his new shield, Sphalerite rushed at the beast, trying to buy time for the workers to flee to safety. But no, Lerdi would not let them escape so easily! It spewed a mass of sticky filaments that covered all nearby. Several civilians were caught, unable to break free. Sphalerite, stronger than the average dwarf, ripped and slashed at the webs covering him, then attacked. More and more webbing covered him and he was pinned to the ground as the beast attacked.

With the alarm sounded, more soldiers soon joined the battle. The axedwarf Goden II Claspletter managed to maneuver behind Lerdi and began to hack into its exposed back. With the other soldiers keeping it busy, Goden II managed to cut the beast completely in two! The foul creature spurted its last web, then fell to the ground. The only injuries were a broken hip for Commander Sphalerite and a broken ankle for Lokum Letterplait-Meshpapers the metalsmith.

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