Sunday, May 19, 2013

Oath Fulfilled

Pop. 58, Late Summer of 266 (Year 15)

Edem II has fulfilled his oath to join the military in memory of his abducted brother Mosus. Along with his older sister, the axedwarf Goden II, the goblins will pay in blood! Unfortunately, as Relicshield gains one soldier, it loses another - Dodok Calmedbust, née Clawsack, the eagle-eyed marksdwarf from last year's siege :(.

As Dodok was laid to rest, the humans returned... but bearing gifts, rather than swords (or giant snails).

Peace was granted and trade returned to normal. As a nod to widower Ushrir Calmedbust, the minecart route where Dodok struck first blood was named after her.

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