Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mad Mandate

Pop. 78, Late Winter of 269 (Year 18)

8 citizens faced justice for defying Duke Phyllite's mandate forbidding the sale of all bolts (oops). With only 7 (very posh) jail cells available, justice was also served with fists. Shorast Earthenbreaths, a speardwarf, thought she was relatively safe, since she was still in her armor when the sheriff marched up to her, but he then gave her compound fracture in her left hand :(. Meanwhile, Lokum Meshpapers, Relicshield's 2nd best weaponsmith, refused to drink or eat due to being separated from her newborn baby, Tulon. Thankfully, Sheriff Urdim Channeltree was in a merciful mood when he released her from the cell. She suffered some bruises, then brushed herself off and went looking for her child.

Meanwhile, the general malaise that seemed to slow time itself has finally been lifted (Thank you DFHack "clean all" function! Goodbye 80 fps and hello 100).

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