Friday, May 24, 2013

20th Anniversary

Pop. 79, Mid-Spring of 271 (Year 20)

The fortress celebrated its 2nd decade of expanding the frontiers of dwarven civilization. The devastating goblin ambush on the human caravan in 268 hasn't been repeated, in large part due to the heavy patrols that now monitor the southeast at all times. It was feared that the grievous human losses would be blamed on Relicshield and reignite The Conflict of Infernos (I love the Legends viewer). However, cooler heads prevailed among the humans this time, no doubt helped along by their decisive defeat during that short-lived war.

Meanwhile, the cave-in trap was tested successfully and now awaits any trolls or larger beasts who can't resist the temptation of toppling a lone pillar*. Miners have also begun delving into the underground in earnest, though so far no caverns have been found.

* I didn't realize at the time that building destroyers aren't enticed by pillars themselves :(.

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