Friday, January 30, 2015

Mace vs. Mace

Pop. 185, Late Winter of 361 (Year 110)

The Evils of Spray tried to ambush the North Watch with a mace goblin squad. They came face to face with Commander Dishmab, Daughter of King Urist Shootwondered and wielder of the artifact lead mace, Drumseer the Contemptible Loot. The outcome was a foregone conclusion, as Dishmab increased her kill count to 360.


Pop. 185, Late Summer of 361 (Year 110)

Six year old Sakzul was possessed by an unknown force!  The youngest member of the prominent Channeltree family, he created quite a work of art.

The Golden Jewel

Pop. 185, Mid-Spring of 361 (Year 110)

The father of Ibmat and Mistrum has been captured! While not as large as mighty Istrath, Luto is the largest dragon currently living in Relicshield.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Went It Alone

Pop. 185, Early Spring of 361 (Year 110)

Kadol Pagemountains-Rimrams passed away peacefully in her sleep, found by the marksdwarf Logem Graniteright. Kadol came to the capital 4 years ago, without friends or family. While she remained a passing acquaintance to all, she was a hardworker and an asset to the Mountainhome.