Saturday, June 15, 2013

Trolling Trolls

Pop. 122, Spring of 296 (Year 45)

A year earlier, Kadol Meshpapers-Graniteright the hammerdwarf was caught outside alone during a siege. Her fellow soldiers rushed to her aid, but a group of trolls intercepted them right as they emerged from the fortress. While the majority of Relicshield's defenders were forced to engage the tusked monsters in battle, Captain Dishmab rushed toward the lone hammerdwarf. Second only to Commander Sphalerite in total kills, Dishmab smashed into foes with her mighty mace. Together, she and Kadol routed the goblin squad, while their compatriots decimated the trolls.

Once the siege was defeated, attention turned back to preparations for the second cavern expedition. Scaffolding was taken down from the walls securing the first cavern to regain blocks, but there were two fatal accidents. Atir Kissochre the clothier and Chief Medic Dolomite, one of the Original Seven, fell to their deaths. Scaffolding had been taken down before, one level at a time, without incident, but Duke Phyllite demanded the procedures be placed under review.

The Spring brought renewed hope in the form of Ibmat the Dragon, who was lured into the trade tunnels and captured in a cage.

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