Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Shoulder To Cry On

Pop. 123, Autumn of 302 (Year 51)

Recently, a few of the youngest dwarves began to throw tantrums. One in particular had a fit over the lack of clothes due to a burrow mishap. For once, Mayor Olon II Treerooms did something other than demand more shields. He sat down, let the the other dwarf cry it all out, and smoothed everything over. Burrow borders and clothing stockpiles were reviewed, and everything was put back in order.

Soon after the clothing debacle was smoothed over, another dragon appeared on the border, and a male one at that! Istrath Brandedtaxed the Wealths of Warmth slew a war grizzly while rampaging outside the fortress gates, but he was finally enticed inside where he was quickly captured. Now with a potentially fertile pair, the dwarves of Relicshield have begun to study lore on the successful breeding of dragons!

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