Saturday, June 15, 2013

Grisly Grizzlies

Pop. 122, Spring of 296 (Year 45)

Soon after Ibmat the dragon was captured, the goblins laid siege to the fortress. They were routed, but not without the death of a human diplomat. While the spoils of war were collected and corpses disposed of, a swamp titan appeared to the west.

The Swamp Titan Dab Ronzoslu Ozse Sostux has come! A gigantic eyeless scorpionfly. It has large mandibles and it has a regal bearing. Its charcoal exoskeleton is waxy. Beware its poisonous bite!

The defenders of Relicshield readied themselves, but the monster headed toward the roofed courtyard where there were several defenseless civilians. There were two openings in the roof that had been missed while making an adjacent tower! By the time the order was given to redirect the troops, the swamp titan had already descended into the courtyard. Dwarves panicked and fled in terror, however the courtyard also housed the grizzly training grounds. Six grizzlies charged at the foul monstrosity immediately.

The fighting was quick, but fierce. Surrounding the titan, the grizzlies tore into it, biting and latching on from all sides. By the time the soldiers arrived, the fell beast had already met a grisly end :D (thank you growth bug fix).

Now the cooks of Relicshield are busy making use of the 433 pieces of swamp titan meat that was left.

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