Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dragon Breeding

Pop. 135, Autumn of 312 (Year 61)

The duchy's dragon breeding program has succeeded! After one egg that failed to hatch after a full year, a second clutch was laid in the Summer. By Autumn, the fortress welcomed 2 more dragons!

Work continued on the largest cavern security wall to date, this one covering an area 28 across and 38 levels high. With so much attention on the dragon breeding program and the cavern walls, the odd mumblings of the brewer Tulon Dippedtowers were overlooked. He went berserk near the farm complex, which recently merged with the kindergarten.

Tulon charged at Mosus III Anguishedpages, the first 3rd generation citizen of Relicshield. He struck her twice before the axedwarf Vucar Graniteright struck him down. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, having named his axe "The Pale Hammer," Vucar has still managed to be a reliable fighter.

Duke Phyllite has urged all citizens to please report any strange activity at once and to stay vigilant even in the midst of large projects!

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