Friday, June 28, 2013

Another Slayer

Pop. 141, Winter of 309 (Year 58)

The duchy's miners and masons have been hard at work walling off the second cavern when Dusak the Murky Blisters, a forgotten beast of filth and grime, attacked. It breathed great globs of frozen spittle, but the legendary soldiers of Relicshield blocked or dodged each shot. The axedwarf, Cog Slingriddles, landed the killing blow, joining Goden II as a slayer of forgotten beasts. Though the monster was vanquished, other dangers made their mark.

A chance wild fire caught one miner, Geshud Graniteright, who perished before anyone could reach him :(. Fire snake vermin from the nearby magma pool were the most likely culprits, as no fire imps were nearby. A new route to the cavern's edge was mined out, giving the pool a wide berth.

Meanwhile, near the surface, more dwarves fell into strange moods. Atis Anguishedpages died of dehydration when unable to complete her construction and the same fate seemed likely for Ilral Treerooms. Fortunately, simple advice from Laularukyrumo, a visiting scholar from the Mountainhome, helped avoid further tragedy.

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