Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dragon Age

Pop. 133, Spring of 313 (Year 62)

Right at the close of the previous year, the enemies of the fortress attacked both above and below. While the Evils of Spray laid siege on the surface, a frigid horror entered the second cavern.

The Forgotten Beast Uthgur has come! An enormous quadruped composed of snow. It has wings and it squirms and fidgets.

Goden II Claspletter, Relicshield's first forgotten beast slayer, kept the monster busy while her captain readied the perfect blow. With a mighty shield slam, Dishmab Vesselbrain the Holy Winnower of Fortresses broke the creature apart!

Near the surface, Commander Sphalerite led the charge against the goblin siege, with Edem II and his dragon Istrath close behind.

With the rise of Relicshield's dragons, a new age has dawned.

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