Saturday, June 29, 2013

Run, Nish, Run!

Pop. 139, Autumn of 310 (Year 59)

The duchy's largest wall thus far was completed, far below in the second cavern. 13 across and 25 high, the construction went without a hitch. Fighting sometimes took place in the scaffolding far above the cavern floor, where dodging the wrong way could lead to a fatal fall. The soldiers on duty performed beyond expectation, and not a single life was lost blocking this portion of the second cavern.

Soon after the wall was completed, two forgotten beasts were discovered at the same time on a cliffside near the top of the massive cavern.

The Forgotten Beast Bekor has come! A huge eyeless viper. It has large mandibles and it squirms and fidgets. Beware its poisonous bite!

The Forgotten Beast Egngun has come! An enormous quadruped composed of mud. It has wings and it undulates rhythmically. Beware its poisonous gas!

Bekor was slain by the speardwarf Logem Chanceblockades, but Egngun was far more dangerous. Rather than a face-to-monstrous face confrontation, the miner Nish Anguishedpages volunteered to lure the creature into a trap. She dug a small tunnel to free the beast, though she underestimated just how fast it was. The mud monstrosity was suddenly right in front of her!

Nish took off running just as it reared back and blew a torrent of poisonous gas. The foul vapors barely missed her as she raced off with the forgotten beast hot on her heels. She stumbled past the massive pillar holding a section of the cavern above, then ran up the stairs, all while just avoiding blast after blast of fetid breath. The massive hatch slammed shut, blocking the beast below, then the nearby lever was pulled, crushing the monster under tons of stone.

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