Sunday, June 16, 2013

Combo Squads

Pop. 121, Spring of 299 (Year 48)

After considerable equipment allocation and scheduling issues, the duchy's melee and ranged squads have now been combined to impressive effect. While the melee troops create an advancing shield wall, blocking enemy bolts and arrows, the ranged soldiers quickly incapacitate foes if not outright killing them. The combined barracks and archery ranges have also greatly increased training frequency, with two marksdwarves just shy of legendary status and others well on their way.

The increased mobility of ranged troops has been a great boon. For decades, wagons were barred from Relicshield due to security concerns. While those from the humans are still under consideration, this year marked the return of the full Mountainhome caravan.

Ibmat the Dragon's training has progressed well, reaching expertly trained status. Her trainer, Meng Roughwhips, happened to be the most naturally inclined to such work (thank you Dwarf Therapist attribute-occupation calculator). Even before becoming a dragon trainer, he already had the title "The Planes of Taming."

Meanwhile, Edem II, after years of stunted growth, has been making up for lost time, with 92 kills to his name :D.

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