Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wedding Bells

Pop. 120, Autumn of 301 (Year 50)

The dwarven vacation lodges have been a success! With fine statues, an artifact bed, and haute cuisine, marriage was just a burrow away! After dating for over 20 years, Edem II Claspletter FINALLY married his childhood sweetheart, Solon II Anguishedpages.


  1. This is great stuff. I wish id read this before.

    Ive never kept anyone in a loveshack for 20 years before. I have 3 forts atm, one that is 50 years old with a pop of 160 with everyone married but ive sort of abandoned that one for an underground trade network and my plans to manage my populations births even more with DF Hacks impregnate (untested) plus the dwarven higher learning mod.
    ( - needs a world respin)

    The 160 pop fort had everyone married bar 5 dwarves with the starting 7 having children seperated by 25 years due to the randomness of pregnancies and my population control.

    In that fort ive married 34 couples via loveshacks and theyve all gotten married in less than 5 years. This was a few months ago, ive played quite a bit since then and I forget exactly but I had a few dwarves that seemed incompatible (very slow relationship improvement) and so I changed a few couples, and I do mean a few, I would sy 5 out of 34 tops.

    In a smaller, also abandoned (messed up minecarts and wheelbarrows adding dwarven higher learning mod) and sort of current fort (population 19) I have had 3 grudges (for the first time ever) and I noticed I had 2 pairings make "long term acquaintances" which I couldnt seem to improve after 2 years of dating (This was unexpected for me).

    The wiki says on the topic of liars

    "The only dwarves that gain experience in this skill are guarded in relationships with others"

    on the topic of making friends, becoming lovers and getting married

    "Over time, dwarves who spend time idling near each other will begin to form friendships and grudges. This happens through 'chats'.

    Two dwarves who are standing on the same tile, or adjacent tiles, may decide to chat if they are idle. Dwarves who are busy eating, drinking, or doing any job, will not chat with one another. This has the interesting effect that two dwarves who work side by side for years may barely know each other, or even not at all.

    As two dwarves accumulate these chats, they will form opinions of each other, based on a 'compatibility' score. Dwarves who like similar things (such as elephants), have the same skills (such as two miners), or who have similar personalities will form friendships. These begin as passing acquaintances, who will then become long-term acquaintances (if the two aren't too compatible, but not too incompatible) or friends (if the two dwarves are compatible enough). Dwarves who are too incompatible may instead form grudges. Currently, only vastly different personalities (such as a confident, selfless dwarf vs. a nervous but arrogant one) cause this, as differences in likes or skills don't hurt a dwarf's opinion of another. Changes in a dwarf's skill set can thus cause their opinions of another dwarf to change, potentially removing old grudges. Dwarves who don't chat enough may lose acquaintances over time.

    Dwarves who are compatible enough, and who chat enough, can become lovers. In order to be eligible for this, a dwarf has to be an adult, not be too closely related to their new friend, and have no other spouse or lover (even dead!). Lovers who continue to have enough opportunities to chat will eventually get married. "

    I thought I read liars and another skill I cant remember (or their prerequisite personality traits) were wholly incompatible when it came to becoming lovers but I cant find that bit now.

    When I checked those changing into long term acquaintances, at least 1 of each pairing were indeed liars (and both of the other pairing. I switched them round and they then became lovers in less than 2 years.

    Also youve probably read this but

    great read that I based my population planning strategies on.

    Hopefully these comments are welcome.


  2. Your comments are always welcome :)! I should've specified, but Edem II and Solon II didn't spend 20 years in a love shack. It was their relationship that prodded me to look into matchmaking in the first place. Without any intervention, the two of them were too busy running around on opposite ends of the fortress for years. Things rapidly progressed once I cleared their jobs and put them in the "vacation lodge."

    There's a later couple that used the same burrow, and they went from acquaintances to married in 4 months :D.

  3. Yeah ive seen some very rapid unknown to married transitions. I guess thats when the dwarves happen to be particularly compatible. I dont screen for personality traits I just bung 2 candidates of the right age and sex into a loveshack and most of the time I dont have trouble marrying them off. There is a marriage (and divorce) script posted in the body of the DF Hack thread but I couldnt get it to work.