Thursday, June 13, 2013

Growth Spurt

Pop. 125, Autumn of 293 (Year 42)

The duchy's marksdwarves have been training with a zeal never seen before, all thanks to new training techniques from the Mountainhome.

Meanwhile, Edem II and his tiny peers have all FINALLY hit puberty, growing rapidly in size and strength. Once known as the Unluckiest Hammerdwarf, he's is now shattering limbs and crushing skulls like he always wanted.


  1. Ah, I should have expected that. Wasnt sure if the growth bug fix would work retroactively for dwarves who were already adults. Good to know.

    More than just a story....

  2. Yup! That was a happy day for Edem II and his fellow sufferers of dwarven dwarfism :).