Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fallen Heroes

Pop. 130, Autumn of 313 (Year 62)

Shock and dismay spread throughout the fortress when three of its mightiest soldiers fell in battle: Commander Sphalerite of the Original Seven, Tirist Earthennourishes the legendary marksdwarf, and Edem II, once the Unluckiest Hammerdwarf and the first dragon battlemaster of Relicshield.

The Forgotten Beast Engror Uktangstosbub has come! An enormous pterosaur composed of green glass. It has a pair of squat antennae and it has a gaunt appearance. Beware its webs!

Far stronger than any previous Forgotten Beast fought before, Engror rampaged through the defending squad. Somehow an iron spear was kicked up by the thundering charge, fatally cutting Tirist, while Edem II and Sphalerite were trampled (NOOOOOOOOOOO)! Istrath the dragon rushed at the pterosaur, his fury boundless at the death of his dwarven companion!

The cavern shook with the clash of the two titanic beasts while crossbow bolts flew into the fray. The battle was tense, with the pterosaur breathing webs and slamming its wings and feet into the dragon. However, Istrath rallied and with a final blast of dragon fire, the glass monster was melted down.

Duke Phyllite has commissioned a memorial to be built in honor of the three fallen soldiers, all true heroes of Relicshield :'(.


  1. Awesome. Im getting to know the names of your dwarves now!



    I need to stop save scumming.

    Did you successfully add the dragon:child tag to your save raws after starting the game ?

  2. It all happened so fast, I just stared at the screen in disbelief for a bit :(. It very well could've been a squad wipe if not for Istrath. The dragon got roughed up from that fight. He mostly recovered, except for a broken nose that never healed.

    As for the child tag, yup, I gave them [CHILD:51]. The number was based off of a D&D dragon growth chart :).