Sunday, January 26, 2014

Time to Shine

Pop. 150, Late Summer of 351 (Year 100)

Inspired by the performance of the elite soldiers, four of the the fortress's 2nd tier soldiers felt that it was also their time to shine. The gladiators were marksdwarf Logem Graniteright, his 18 year old nephew, macedwarf Besmar Graniteright, and the two axedwarves, Shorast Channelflashes and Uvash Earthennourishes.

9 goblin snatchers, 1 kobold thief, and 1 minotaur were thrown into the arena. The thieves and minotaur did not fight, unlike the previous match. Once the gate opened, the minotaur rushed at the youngest dwarf, Besmar. While his uncle Uvash was busy shooting at snatchers, Besmar did his best against the raging bull-headed beast. It attacked him relentlessly, keeping the young soldier off balance and unable to counterstrike.

Still, Besmar managed to dodge or block every attack until Uvash cleaved the beast in two with his axe, Morningwhisper.

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