Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Reservists to the Rescue

Pop. 159, Early Winter of 344 (Year 93)

Following the advice of other settlements, a majority of the general workers have been conscripted as military reservists. Clad in leather armor and armed with wooden crossbows, they've proven to be a reliable first response to low level threats, like thieves.

One unlucky kobold thief attacked Ushat Fissuretour while the unarmed dyer was helping to clear out the aftermath of a siege. Immediately, the nearest haulers let loose with their bolts. The kobold only managed a minor cut to Ushat's lower body before being chased out of the trade tunnels and slain. Tosid Freeoil landed the killing shot. Ushat the dyer only suffered a cut to his lower body and was able to walk to the hospital on his own :).

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