Sunday, January 26, 2014

100 Years!

Pop. 150, Mid-Spring of 351 (Year 100)

Relicshield began its Centennial celebration! The underground trade network was completely closed down and the arena was finally opened to the public.

Arena Level 1

Arena Level 2

Arena Level 3

Arena Level 4

Arena Level 5

Holding Pens & Drop Hatches

The first match was dedicated to Astesh Goodhatchet-Gearriddled, the miner who died during the arena's construction. A mass melee pitting 140 goblins & 93 trolls vs 40 soldiers, audience participation was encouraged, with spectators firing bolts into the fray with wild abandon! Commander Dishmab, daughter of the late King Urist Shootwondered, inspired her troops as she smashed goblins and trolls with her artifact lead mace, Drumseer the Contemptible Loot.

Unfortunately, in the chaos of the opening games, the hatches leading into the arena were not locked. Goblins and trolls began to pour out as they fought past Relicshield's soldiers.

The legendary miner Unib Flagblaze, who breached the pit to start the games, was an immediate target. He was chased all the way to the holding pens, but all those years of mining gave him plenty of speed and endurance. Unib left his pursuers in the dust before he was rescued by Commander Dishmab's squad. Soon after, all the near-escapees were mopped up and corpse removal for the next bout commenced.

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