Friday, January 31, 2014

The Bachelor

Pop. 140, Early Spring of 354 (Year 103)

The population of Relicshield has been in a slow, but steady decline over the past few years. To combat the trend, Mayor Regent Mosus II Lanterngaze-Anguishedpages has offered several benefits to courting and recently married dwarves, including paid leave from work and exemption from military service.

The most eligible bachelor of the fortress is Edem IV Claspletter, the 22-year-old grandson of Relicshield's first dragon battlemaster, Edem II.

The four bachelorettes currently vying for his affections are Endok Anguishedpages, Lolor III Earthenbreaths, Zon Channeltree, and Zan II Socketinked.

A holiday suite all to their own and plenty of time to socialize, bets are being taken all around the fort on who will win Edem IV's heart. With all four bachelorettes considered beauties, it's their traits that set them apart.

Endok, a 22-year-old traditionalist from an influential family, is a favorite among older bettors. Still, Endok is far from stodgy and still enjoys trying new things.

Zon is another frontrunner with a fine pedigree. Friendly and modest, the 23-year-old is nearly as popular as Endok.

Zan II is a calm and collected 24-year-old, who is rarely moved to anger and able to handle stress. All admirable traits, though she comes across as a bit dull and aloof for most bettors.

Finally, there's Lolor III who often feels discouraged, has a lack of self-discipline, and doesn't go out of her way to help others. Still, she's almost as assertive as Zan II. This 26-year-old might prove to be the dark horse of this courting competition.

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