Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pair of Arrows

Pop. 143, Late Summer of 353 (Year 102)

The Evils of Spray once again stepped up their attacks. Elite archers have become more common, with one killing Ezumi Freeoil and Ingish II Claspletter, granddaughter of Edem II, in the most recent siege.

A massive enemy host had gathered at the east wall. The East Watch, with a few soldiers from the North Watch, battled their way to the bowgob, while the rest of the military guarded the trade tunnels. Two more dwarves would've lost their lives, but the defenders finally broke through the enemy lines and slew the goblin squad leader.

Atis Blockadetempted and Vucar Gillhandle were rescued, though they each had a pair of arrows embedded in them.

Apparently, Vucar got sick of staying in the hospital and crawled his way out before his treatment was truly finished. He was brought back to the hospital, diagnosed again, then given a crutch.

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