Sunday, January 19, 2014

Beware the Werelemur II

Pop. 159, Mid-Autumn of 348 (Year 97)

There was another werelemur attack, but this time a civilian, Cilob Gillhandle, was bitten before help could arrive. Due to the wrongful death of Cerol Typhoonmetals-Mirrorwasps in the first year of the fortress, caution tempered with mercy was urged for Cilob. First, a war leopard and war grizzly were assigned to her. Then 4 soldiers, including Commander Dishmab and Cilob's older sister, Kadol Lighttool, were stationed in the infirmary. Though werecreatures were known for their healing abilities, Cilob's wounds were too grievous to wait without treatment until the next full moon.

Cilob's treatment took 3 weeks, after which she was quarantined. The barrier wall was completed on the 7th of Timber, only a day before the full moon. Once the moon appeared on the horizon... nothing happened at first, but on the 9th of Timber, Cilob transformed. The war animals assigned to her were also in the quarantine room, as they could not be separated from her in time for the full moon. Both the leopard and grizzly immediately attacked after Cilob's transformation. The fight was fierce, but the grizzly landed the killing blow.

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