Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Games Continue!

Pop. 150, Late Spring of 351 (Year 100)

Despite the massive "CLOSED" notices posted on each of the trade tunnel entrances, the elven caravan arrived and demanded entry. Naturally, the goblins attacked at that moment, slaying most of the elves before they could reach safety underground. Still, that provided more prisoners for the gladiatorial games.

For the second match, 2 trolls and 2 yetis were thrown into the pit.

One of the yetis was immediately slain by a headshot from an audience member, while the other three combatants seemed far more interested in dodging bolts than fighting each other. The spectators slew them all and yelled for the next match-up!

This time, 8 goblins were pitted against 13 coyote men.

Again, the two sides avoided each other while they were pin-cushioned by the crossbow-wielding audience. One coyote man remained after the dust settled and was promptly slain by Commander Dishmab to move things along.

Crossbows were banned for the next match. 30 goblins, 20 trolls, and 1 minotaur were tossed into the arena to face the four squad leaders of Relicshield's elite troops: macedwarf Dishmab Shootwondered-Vesselbrain of the North Watch, axedwarf Goden II Claspletter of the East Watch, swordsdwarf Deler Anguishedpages of the South Watch, and speardwarf Asmel Fissuretour of the West Watch.

Unlike the previous two matches, the goblins and trolls immediately fought with the minotaur. It was a glorious three-way battle as the best warriors of Relicshield waded into the fray!

Dishmab smashed the minotaur's foot with her lead mace, Drumseer, causing the beast to fall. Goden II Claspletter, sister of Edem II the tiniest hammerdwarf, then sliced the minotaur's head off with her bloody axe, Drencheddragons. The remaining foes were no match and quickly fell before the dwarven onslaught.

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