Monday, January 27, 2014

In Honor of the Seven

Pop. 149, Mid-Winter of 351 (Year 100)

In honor of the Seven Settlers, seven dragons fought in the seventh and final combat of the Centennial gladiatorial games! The adult dragons Etog and Bestra were joined by three hatchlings of Ibmat and two of Mistrum. The seven faced 117 goblins, 82 trolls, 3 yetis, and 1 kobold as the holding pens were emptied (except for the wombat men, who were deemed too adorable for dragon bbq).

The chill of winter was the furthest thing from the spectators' minds as dragonfire filled the arena!

The Seventh Match

The stands had to be cleared soon after due to all the smoke from the burning bodies. Boiling blood also splashed quite a few dwarves, particularly those watching from the lowest level of the arena. Still, all the dwarves felt the lung irritation and scalded skin to be well worth the sight of the fortress's dragons smiting their enemies. All told 354 goblins, 197 trolls, 13 coyote men, 5 yetis, 2 minotaurs, and 2 kobolds perished in the arena as a fitting tribute to Armok.

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