Saturday, December 7, 2013

Return to the Caverns

Pop. 167, Late Spring 338 (Year 87)

With more forgotten beasts entering the lower reaches, it was decided to bring Ibmat's two oldest hatchlings into service earlier than originally planned. Several of the best warriors of Relicshield ventured into the Second Cavern to hold back any forgotten beasts that might approach before the dragons were ready. Two forgotten beasts rushed the reopened area, but were quickly dealt with.

The Forgotten Beast Zitha Siga Sedast has come! A gigantic quadruped composed of steam. It has a stubby horn and it undulates rhythmically.

Zitha was no match for Stakud II Roughwhips-Lanterngaze, daughter of the legendary dragon trainer, Meng Roughwhips.

The Forgotten Beast Kosmza Sodorosnong has come! An enormous three-eyed mosquito. It has a long, straight horn and it undulates rhythmically. Beware its hunger for warm blood!

Deler, patriarch of of the Anguishedpages family, slew the next creature to emerge. Though known for his prowess with the sword, Deler defeated Koz with a shield strike.

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