Friday, December 6, 2013

Meng and His Dragons

Pop. 169, Late Summer of 336 (Year 85)

Perhaps Meng Roughwhips was prescient. Soon after he appointed an apprentice to help with dragon training, a forgotten beast even mightier than Engror Crypthate ventured into the Second Cavern.

The Forgotten Beast Tob Omsostacnu has come! A gigantic sauropod with external ribs. It has large mandibles and it undulates rhythmically. Its dark violet scales are large and close-set. Beware its deadly dust!

The four largest dragons of Relicshield took on the monster, but its deadly dust and frozen extract proved to be a match for dragon fire. Istrath, Ibmat, Slusa, and Mistrum all perished, but before they died, they took the forgotten beast with them. Meng Roughwhips refused to abandon the wounded dragons during the battle and died alongside them :(. Thirteen dragon hatchlings remain, but the two eldest have nearly thirty years before they reach adulthood. For now, the Second Cavern has been abandoned. Once the brood of Ibmat reaches 51 years of age, the dragons of Relicshield will return to the underworld to do battle!

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