Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Mountain Titan

Pop. 167, Autumn of 337 (Year 86)

The vast majority of megabeasts that the dwarves of Relicshield have fought have been forgotten beasts from the caverns below.  Four decades ago, a swamp titan breached the fortress's defenses due to a security oversight, but luckily the Relicshield's war grizzlies were on hand.  When a new titan appeared, this time from the mountains, the guards were ready.

The Mountain Titan Slesat Zolstez Susalonu has come! An enormous three-eyed dimetrodon. It has a broad shell and it has an austere look about it. Its pink scales are jagged and overlapping. Beware its webs!

Slesat quickly entered the underground trade network's eastern tunnel.  The creature was met in battle by several legendary soldiers, including Cog Slingriddles.  Already a slayer of a forgotten beasts, Cog hacked away with his axe known as "Swelteredhaunts," eventually cutting the titan in two:

"The Soldier Axe hacks The Mountain Titan in the lower body from behind with his Keshshakdumur and the severed part sails off in an arc!"

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