Friday, December 6, 2013

A New Apprentice

Relicshield, pop. 170, Early Spring of 336 (Year 85)

The legendary dragon trainer Meng Roughwhips has worked alone for over a decade. His first apprentice was his daughter-in-law Nish Anguishedpages-Roughwhips, but she died during the Tantrum Spiral of 323. At 114 years of age, Meng knew it was time to find a new apprentice to pass on his skills. Many dwarves clamored for the position and the chance to work with the fortress's dragons, but only one was chosen. Meng found the perfect candidate in Meng II Channeltree-Lanterngaze, an unrelated 33-year-old dwarf with no prior experience, but high potential. As prep work for working with the dragons, Meng II was tasked with training a new generation of war grizzlies. With the plague of stunted growth a thing of the past, war grizzlies have returned to service as trade network guards.

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