Thursday, December 12, 2013

Final Judgment

Pop. 161, Early Spring 341 (Year 90)

Atis the Vampire languished in prison for 7 years before an appropriate sentence was decided on. While some dwarves pointed out that she would be perfect for the position of bookkeeper and manager, the family of the vampire's victim, Morul Anguishedpages, saw nothing less than death as a satisfactory punishment. As one of the largest families of the fortress, second only to the Channeltree clan, there was little hope for a merciful outcome. The current mayor, Mosus II, had married into the Anguishedpages family and thus recused herself from the decision. Dishmab Shootwondered-Vesselbrain, heiress to the throne, made the final judgment and carried out the sentence with the legendary mace, Drumseer. The fact that the victim was only a child sealed Atis's fate.

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