Monday, December 2, 2013

Background Checks

Pop. 169, Winter of 334 (Fort Year 83)

The population of the Mountainhome has continued to surge. Migrants were welcomed with open arms and the usual background checks were completely forgotten about. Disaster struck when a toddler was found drained of blood in the middle of the kindergarten! There were no witnesses, but Urdim Channeltree, Captain of the Guard, immediately checked through the written histories of every recent migrant. He found inconsistencies with a spinner named Atis. She was arrested and jailed without food or water.

Seasons passed and when Atis showed no signs of hunger, it was confirmed that she was the vampire. The kingdom's previous vampire was executed on the spot, but most residents of Relicshield felt this was far too kind. The creature has been placed in a secure prison until such time as a fitting punishment has been devised.

Meanwhile, Zefon III of the noble Taxeddagger clan was recently inducted into the military. His great-grandfather, Phyllite I, was the a member of the Original Seven and was the Duke of Relicshield before it became the capital of the Ancient Gravel. The young soldier performed well during his first siege. Though surrounded by legendary soldiers who led the battle in a crimson tide, Zefon III managed to get a killing blow before all the goblins of the Evils of Spray were vanquished.

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