Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Pop. 165, Early Summer 339 (Year 88)

While cleaning up the remains of a broken goblin siege, an unconscious dwarf civilian was found in one of the cages marked for destruction. With so much blood and gore everywhere, it's fortunate that he was noticed at all. When Aban Fissuretoure regained consciousness, he explained how had been stabbed with a spear before he could flee to safety. He was bleeding and was in need of medical attention, but the normal methods of releasing prisoners from cages weren't the best options for a dwarf suffering from serious spear wound. Luckily, the time-consuming, but safe method of lever-release was used and Aban was able to get medical attention in time. In case of a future occurrence, an alternative method of safely extricating injured dwarves from cages is now being sought.

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