Friday, July 5, 2013

The Young and the Restless

Pop. 133, Spring of 321 (Year 70)

The Mountainhome has been at war with the Tattooed Confederacy for the past 2 years. Even with their warhorses, the human forces have been decimated each time. Dishmab Shootwondered-Vesselbrain, wielder of Drumseer, successfully chased down several mounted humans, her lead mace quickly sending them to the boneyard.

There was a huge upswing in the number of marriages once the memorial to Sphalerite, Edem II, and Tirist was opened. With the tales of valor engraved on the tastefully arranged slabs, it quickly became a popular venue for marriage proposals. The memorial also led to a shake-up of the political landscape.

Edem II's widow, Solon II Anguishedpages-Claspletter, rode a wave of sympathy and was voted in as mayor soon after her husband's death. However, the former mayor, Olon II Treerooms, staged a comeback during the next term and regained his seat. This started a cycle of razor thin voter margins and trading places as mayor, until a third party candidate, Dumat Neutraloiled defeated both in the most recent election.

The Deep Forge has been a success, processing goblinite and satisfying the frequent demands of King Urist Shootwondered with ease. The second cavern, while not yet completely walled off, remains under the watchful eyes of six dragon hatchling guardians.

There has been trouble in the Dragon Den. For the past several years, Ibmat's eggs have failed to hatch. At only 177 years of age, the dragon was still well in her prime egg-laying years. She had become increasingly restless of late, reverting to semi-wild just after being placed in a cage as a precaution. She went completely wild soon after, but Meng Roughwhips, now a legendary animal trainer, quickly got her back under control. Luckily, a second adult female dragon, Mistrum Brandjade, was captured recently.

Urdim Channeltree, the Captain of the Guard, has kept the fortress's justice system running smoothly. Carrying on the family tradition, his son, the legendary soldier Urdim II, was recently promoted to Hammerer.

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