Sunday, July 7, 2013

Slow Recovery

Pop. 73, Spring of 324 (Year 73)

Kol II and Ilral Treerooms welcomed their son, Shorast, into the world, the first child born since the unrest of the previous year. The last of the riots have finally died down, with all citizens at least content. Meng Roughwhips stepped down as mayor to once again devote time to the dragons of Relicshield. The new mayor, Mosus II Anguishedpages, has proven quite popular with her lack of demands and mandates. With no other nobles at the moment, the legendary weaponsmith has become the de facto leader of the Ancient Gravel. Dishmab Shootwondered-Vesselbrain, the heiress apparent, has deferred her ascension to queen until the capital has fully recovered.

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