Sunday, July 7, 2013

Law and Order

Pop. 76, Autumn of 324 (Year 73)

Urdim Channeltree, Captain of the Guard, has continued to sift through clues relating to the murder of his son and former Hammerer, Urdim II, during the Riots of 323, where 61 dwarves lost their lives. In the course of his investigations, Urdim solved three other murders from the same time period. With the fortress only just recovering, Mayor Mosus II worried that three executions might plunge the fortress back into chaos. However, Urdim was adamant that the criminals be brought to justice, including the fortress's manager and broker, Thikut Neutraloiled. Given the extenuating circumstances, and how so many deaths were in retaliation for other slayings, a full pardon was considered. After much wrangling between the Captain of the Guard and the Mayor, a compromise was struck. Each of the accused was given a commuted sentence, substituting the death penalty with 195+ days in prison.

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