Monday, July 8, 2013

25 Down

Pop. 75, Autumn of 325 (Year 74)

The Evils of Spray returned in force, hoping to take advantage of the Mountainhome's weakened state. The goblins were sorely disappointed. One untrained reservist was killed in battle, but the invaders were crushed and scattered.

Meng the dragon trainer survived the loss of his left leg due to the ghost attack. Despite hobbling on crutches, he still commands the respect of Relicshield's dragons. All four adults are now masterfully trained.

25 forgotten beasts have thus far failed to breach the Mountainhome's defenses. The majority of them have been blasted away by dragonfire, but twice a twisted creature so horrifying arrived that the dragon hatchlings cowered in fear and refused to attack. The hatchlings were brought back to the Dragon Den on the surface. As expected, the adult dragons are far more aggressive, so now Slusa and Istrath guard the second cavern's entrance.

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