Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Forgotten Trio

Pop. 132, Summer of 315 (Year 64)

Several children came of age this year, including Nish Roughwhips, daughter of Meng the dragon trainer. It was no surprise that she decided to follow her father's footsteps. Surely a blessing from Armok, another dragon emerged from the wilds soon after!

The Dragon Slusa Ongongxosna has come! A gigantic reptilian creature. It is magical and can breath fire. These monsters can live for thousands of years.

The dragon was lured into the trade tunnels, but a meddling goblin snatcher distracted it. The snatcher was caught in a cage trap, while the dragon stopped directly in front of another trap. The beast just stared at the captured goblin and refused to come further. The newly promoted Commander, Olivine Scalygranite tried to lure the beast closer, but the beast paid her no heed. Finally, the marksdwarf Litast Twinkledurns volunteered. Armed with the artifact chestnut crossbow, "Mountaindeclined the Heroic Evaporation," he took up position then shot a single bolt at the dragon. Slusa immediately turned from the caged goblin to attack, immediately setting off the next cage trap.

The youngest adult dragon in the fortress at 76 years of age, Slusa took easily to dragon trainer Meng's instructions, becoming expertly trained in a single session. With the initial training out of the way, Nish took over as trainer for the Mountainhome's newest dragon. With a second male in the dragon pit, the fortress could breath easier when committing the 500 year old Istrath to battle.

Meanwhile, in the caverns three forgotten beasts arrived in quick succession. After the terrible losses inflicted by Engror, the fortress was on alert.

The Forgotten Beast Oson Tostrasmaspest has come! A gigantic beakless swan. It has a pair of spindly antennae and it has a gaunt appearance. Its pale pink feathers are patchy. Beware its deadly spittle!

The Forgotten Beast Leto has come! A huge one-eyed swift. It has two short horns and it squirms and fidgets. Its teal feathers are long and sparse. Beware its poisonous vapors!

The Forgotten Beast Utes has come! A towering three-eyed ankylosaurid. It has thin wings of stretched skin and it belches and croaks. Its indigo scales are large and close-set. Beware its webs!

Oson slipped past the cave-in trap due to a terrible oversight with hatches :-[. Luckily the beast was far weaker than Engror. Oson was quickly surrounded by the squad on cavern duty and slain by the axedwarf Mosus Graniteright.

Leto was more of a challenge. By this point, several dragon hatchlings had been brought to the cavern entrance and placed behind fortifications. However, the forgotten beast's poisonous vapors seemed to confound the dragons. They refused to breathe fire and did their best to keep their distance. Perhaps Leto understood the potential for dragonfire, so it kept its distance, too. Luckily the stare-off had Leto positioned directly under the cave-in trap and the creature's fate was sealed.

The little dragons of Relicshield had no such qualms when facing Utes. Once the winged ankylosaurid came within range, the hatchlings let loose with jets of flame. Not even a corpse was left when the smoke dissipated.


This is a well-crafted gabbro memorial to Utes.
The slab reads "In memory of Utes / Melted in The Rampage of the forgotten beast Utes in Relicshield in the year 315".

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