Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Good Drumming

Pop. 131, Autumn of 316 (Year 65)

The dragon hatchlings have continued to guard the second cavern effectively, burning all forgotten beasts that dare to approach. The cavern's magma pool has been tapped and construction is underway for the outpost that will house the workers of the Deep Forge.

Up on the surface, the Evils of Spray attacked again. Not content to wait for the invaders to enter the trade tunnels, the dwarves of Relicshield took the fight to them. Dishmab Shootwondered-Vesselbrain, wielder of Drumseer the artifact lead mace, led the charge, smashing goblins left and right. One of the recruit squads got separated from the main force and were quickly surrounded by triple their number. They fought valiantly, holding the goblins off until Commander Olivine arrived with reinforcements, rolling over the invaders in a tidal wave of dwarven fury.

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